About us

Sourcing3 is best product sourcing agent in Shenzhen China, help customers sourcing and importing products from China, best possible cost via a complete transparent process!

Sourcing3 was founded in 2012 and is located in Shenzhen: the most famous international city with the world's largest small commodity wholesale market. As the most prestigious online sourcing company, Sourcing3 now has 60 full-time employees.

For product companies at any stage of growth

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or start-up company, compared with other sourcing agents and companies, Sourcing3 can provide the most sustainable value because it provides quality services, participation throughout the product life cycle, and creative global vision We promise to customers.

Sourcing3 Advantages


As your Sourcing agent, we always act with the utmost accountability. In a fast evolving landscape in China, we see this as central to the trust that we build with our clients.

Multi-Industries Services

Our offer includes a wide range of flexible options to enhance your ability to manage and engage with Chinese suppliers.

Quality Assurance

Through a rigorous and detailed review process, we will ensure that you understand your suppliers and production operations so that you can solve any problems upstream before shipment.

Risk Mitigation

We know what it takes to operate in China. We understand the challenges of sourcing from Chinese manufacturers and can help you manage these suppliers well to ensure you take advantage of these advantages.

Supply Chain Transparency

We will guide you through every step of the supply chain and ensure that we provide insight and visibility to enable you to make influential decisions through customized solutions for your procurement business in China.

Team of Professionals

With the enthusiasm for providing high-level services and the curiosity to find the right solution for you, our employees are at the core of our work.

Our mission

For new importers, sourcing and importing from China may be a painful thing, and there are too many uncertain factors. Sourcing3 is committed to helping importers, especially e-commerce business owners.

We help customers find the best manufacturer, ensure product quality and arrange home delivery, making the entire purchasing process easier and safer.

Why us?

Most procurement agencies in China are teams of less than 10 people, focusing on serving large traditional traders, while we focus on serving small and medium-sized enterprises.

We provide more product customization and packaging customization options, as well as more logistics solutions for small batch shipments. We also implement stricter standards for employee recruitment and training to maintain professionalism.

We have our own warehouse of 2000 square meters, equipped with full-time staff, and can provide product packaging and quality inspection services that most other organizations cannot provide before the customer's goods are shipped out of China.

Our achievements

Since 2012, our team has helped more than 2,000 customers import from China, many of whom are now million-dollar e-commerce sellers.

We have a Facebook page with more than 70,000 fans and a YouTube channel with 14,000 subscribers, and we have received a lot of positive reviews on all these social media platforms.

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