Cut Resistant Gloves

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Advantage: Breathable, cut resistance, high dexterity,soft and comfortable

Applications: Metal fabrication, Body assembly, Press & stamping, Welding, Glass manufacturing

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Style: Cut resistant glove

Glove Shell Material: HPPE

Coating Material: PU

Logo Print: Silkscreen, heat transfer,


Advantage: Breathable, cut resistance, high dexterity,soft and comfortable

Applications: Metal fabrication, Body assembly, Press & stamping, Welding, Glass manufacturing

7G Cut Resistant Gloves

7g cut resistance gloves

10G Cut Resistant Gloves

10g cut resistance gloves

13G Cut Resistant Gloves

13g cut resistance gloves

15G Cut Resistant Gloves

15g cut resistance gloves

18G Cut Resistant Gloves

18g cut resistance gloves

Maximum cut resistance CE EN 388 4544-protect hands from cuts and punctures when cutting meat and handling sharp metals, knives, mandolins, blades, glass, plastics, and construction materials.

Optimal and comfortable-ergonomically suitable for all fingers. It feels like a second skin. Lightweight No. 13 cool color HPPE and spandex show excellent manual dexterity in a variety of exquisite professional works.

It will not slip even in light oil and underwater-prevents the pipe from slipping and minimizes hand fatigue. Convenient smartphone touch screen compatible. Breathable water-based rubber coating for all-day comfort.

PREMIUM & STYLISH-High-stretch knit wrist cuffs are easy to put on and take off. Silicon-free. Ideal for machinery, gardening, woodworking, kitchens, plumbing, fish fillets, fishing, oyster sucking, woodworking, metalworking, automobiles, HVAC and carving. Suitable for boys and girls. The next level cut-resistant gloves for medical treatment, women, chefs, ladies and children.

Where are the cut resistant gloves?

If you ask "Where are cut-resistant gloves?" then be sure to read this section before continuing to look for gloves. Cut-resistant gloves are the unicorn of the safe world. No, we are not saying that cut-resistant gloves are Scotland's national animal (check it), we mean they are completely myths.

What cutting gloves does Sourcing3 offers?

At Sourcing3, we help you find cut-resistant gloves, not cut-resistant gloves. The distinction is important because accidents can still happen, but by wearing suitable cut-resistant gloves, the injury can be reduced to a few stitches or less!

What is the correct grade of cut resistant gloves?

The grades of cut-resistant gloves are ANSI Level A1 to A9; A1 cut-resistance is designed to prevent threats such as paper cutting, and A9 can prevent extreme dangers. Don’t automatically lean towards higher levels of protection. We provide a variety of ANSI cutting-level gloves to protect your team from the specific cutting-related hazards you face, including our A9 extreme cut-resistant glove series. Many times, gloves designed to protect against cuts may be more expensive and may not be as comfortable as gloves designed to prevent occupation-specific hazards (due to added protection).

Choose the best cut-resistant gloves (according to your needs)

Consider the risks you face, the likelihood of accidents, and the comfort and flexibility you need. By identifying these additional factors, you can find the right glove for your job (and your hand)!

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